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BOS connect

Installation & User Manual

Product name: BOS connect RVC

Product number: 98904306

Product name: BOS connect SFC

Product number: 98904576

Product name: BOS connect Victron

Product number: 98904643

Product name: BOS connect Analog

Product number: 98904556

Table of Contents

Package contents

  • Quick manual
  • BOS connect
  • BOS bus to Molex Microfit communication cable 5 core 0,5mm² twisted 1000mm wrapped No. 98904301

General Information

Thank you for purchasing a high quality, german made product from BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG. We worked strictly according to german engineering standards in order to deliver valuable energy services for our customers. In case of technical problems or comments of any kind, please contact the local distributor for support.

BOS connect RVC

Data points from the BOS batteries, such as cell voltages, SoC, temperature and current, are communicated to a RV-C bus. This way, control units which can handle the RV-C protocol can display all relevant data from the battery. Compatible with the Hymer Smart Caravan Unit.

BOS connect SFC

Data is communicated bidirectionally between BOS batteries and SFC. Error codes are also transmitted. This means that a BOS battery can be displayed and controlled in the SFC system, but a hydrogen cell can also be displayed in other systems, e.g. the BOS App oder RVC, by connecting other BOS connect products in the overall system.

BOS connect Victron

For communication of BOS batteries with the Victron Cerbo. The BOS battery is then shown in the Victron menu and all details such as maximum charging current, cell voltages and others are displayed. Victron also uses the data for system management and can therefore regulate the charge controllers according to the specifications from the batteries.

BOS connect Analog

The total charge status of the BOS batteries is reflected via an analog signal between 0 and 10V. For this purpose, the wake-up voltage of 12V needs to be applied to the connector such that the analog output well be enabled. Without a wakeup signal, it switches to sleep mode to minimize standby power consumption. The load on the analog output should not draw more than 10mA. The system is compatible with the Hymer display.

Safety instructions

  • Please read and understand the whole user manual before installation and usage of the product.
  • Do NOT open the product housing. Danger of short-circuiting. Opening the  device voids any and all warranty claims.
  • Keep the device within the defined temperature range.
  • Protect the product against heat (e.g. prolonged sun exposure) and fire and from water. Do NOT store or operate near water nor hot or flammable objects.
  • Install this device step by step as written in this manual for best results.
  • The mounting and the electrical connection may only be carried out by trained specialists.
  • Incorrect operation can damage system components.
  • Factory labels and markings must never be altered, removed or rendered unreadable.
  • This device contains sensitive electronics, so take care during installation and use.
  • Consider all relevant official safety instructions during transportation of the device. Safety instructions might vary depending on the mode of transport and on local country regulations.

Guidelines and certifications

All BOS connect products are designed and verified according to the following standards/guidelines:

  • CE
  • UKCA
  • (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • DIN EN 61000-6-1:2019-11, DIN EN 61000-6-2:2019-11
  • DIN EN 61000-6-3:2022-06


The BOS connect is approved for use in motor vehicles and bears the ECE test mark E1*10R06/02*9808*00


Connect the BOS communication cable to the battery. To do this, plug the Molex Microfit connector into the BOS connect and on the other side plug the MX80 connector into the communication port on the the battery. Termination is not necessary on the BOS connect, as this is integrated in the device. However, a termination plug must be inserted on the battery side if no other batteries are looped through.

User interface

A button is located on the product itself which triggers a Wake-up on the BOS bus when pressed. This wakes up all the connected batteries. Incase they are switched off, the batteries are switched on; There is an error, this is acknowledged.

Press the button for 10 seconds to switch off all connected batteries.

Warranty & Legal Notes


The BOS connect comes with a two-year warranty on the product starting from the date of purchase. There is no warranty granted on other system components from other manufacturers that are used together with the BOS connect. In case of problems, comments or a warranty claim or the need for spare parts please contact the local dealer or BOS for support.

Exclusion of liability

The manufacturer can neither monitor the compliance with this manual nor the conditions and methods during the installation, operation, usage and maintenance of the device. Improper installation of the device may result in damage to property and, as a result, to bodily injury. Therefore, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility and liability for loss, damage or costs which result from or are in any way related to incorrect installation, improper operation, incorrect execution of installation work and incorrect usage and maintenance. Similarly, we assume no responsibility for patent right or other right infringements of third parties caused by usage of this device. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product, technical data or installation and operating instructions without prior notice.

Declaration of conformity

The BOS connect comply with all applicable provisions of relevant directives and regulations and are in conformity with the relevant standards. The full declaration of conformity is found for download at

Recycling Information

Do not dispose in waste bin, but recycle electronics and packaging materials according to local regulations.


Only for EC countries: According to the European Guideline 2012/19/EU, electrical devices/tools that are no longer usable must be collected separately and disposed of in an environmentally correct manner.

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